I have noticed that I am not the most active blogger though I try to be. Busy with school and the thought of college, I never find enough time to come up with good content to blog about and majority of the time, I am inconsistent with my posts, having take a hiatus for a couple of weeks in between each one. It is also hard for me to shoot some appealing content due to the fact that I am a one-woman band. I have no photographer and rely on the help of the self-timer of my small, little point-and-shoot (woops! now you know how things get done behind the scenes). I am currently trying to save up for a better camera but it is hard with all these school expenses to pay for. Sighs.

The end of September is nearing and it is still as hot as ever in Southern California. Though I prefer heat to the cold, I have to say I cannot wait until true autumn weather approaches. I've been recently trying to find excuses to wear my sweaters, cardigans, and jeans but very few opportunities have popped up. When I do find an excuse for wearing those items, I practically am boiling myself and everything started clinging in the most unflattering way.

A quick little outfit post for you all. Independence day is coming up soon. Got to get into that red, white, and blue! More lengthy blog posts will come soon!

(sorry for the repost but the original post was acting up)
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